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The "County Committee" describes the Voting Members of the Clayton County Republican Party.


If you identify with the Georgia Republican Party Platform, you're automatically considered part of the Republican Party, but to join the County Committee and become a Voting Member, you must satisfy the requirements set forth in our bylaws. Meetings of the County Committee are held on the last Thursday of each month unless otherwise specified and called by the Chairman.

To receive updates about our meetings, sign up for our emails, or follow us online!

Committee Membership Requirements: Identify and align with the core Republican principles, be a Registered Voter in Clayton County, Attend at least three (3) County Committee Meetings, and pay the required annual dues.  Annual Dues Effective for Calendar Year 2021 will be $35 per person OR if more than one member resides at the same address, $60 for two members, $80 for three with a household cap at $100.


Dues and donations may be paid by cash, check, or online

If you'd like to register to vote or if you'd like to register someone else, please contact us!

The Clayton County Republican Executive Board

Vicki Temple, Chairman

Tommy Smith, 1st Vice Chairman

Philip Call, 2nd Vice Chairman

Trudy Smith, Secretary

Nelda Dunson, Assistant Secretary

Wilford Ashley, Treasurer

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