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William "Doug" Epps

The Doug Epps Memorial Award
for Outstanding Service

In the living room of a humble Emerald Drive home in Jonesboro, Capt William Douglas "Doug" Epps and his wife, Delette "Dee" Wingfield Epps, joined a small group of friends in 1964 to lay the foundations of the Clayton County Republican Party, when Doug was elected our founding Chairman. For many more years, the Epps would devote countless hours to building and supporting the party and its values they cherished.

To recognize his dedication following his death in 1990, the Clayton County Republican Party created the Doug Epps Memorial Award for Outstanding Service: an annual award often lovingly referred to as the "Republican of the Year" given to a member of the Clayton County Republican Party for distinguished volunteer service to the party. The recipient is chosen by an annual vote from among the membership of the party each January, and presented at the County Convention (or at the March Committee Meeting in years without a convention cycle).

Recipients of the Doug Epps Memorial Award:

Garrett Ashley, 2023

Katherine Chapman, 2022

Nelda Dunson, 2021

Arlene Charles, 2020

M. Nannette Dooley, 2019

Garrett Ashley, 2018

Shannon Mann, 2017

John Marxen, 2016

Harlan Groover, 2015

Shirley Woodard, 2014

John Marxen, 2013


Records Missing, 2004-2012

Wanda June Tschudy, 2003

Records Missing, 1990-2002

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