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We exist today to offer residents a voice that holds true to the principles that founded this country and the beneficial platforms of the Republican Party. We represent the Republican 11% of voters in the county to the Congressional Parties and the GAGOP.

We believe in
fiscal responsibility. That's not to say the government should NEVER spend money, but what it DOES receive, we only desire to see it spent thoughtfully and with deliberation. Nobody likes taxes, so Americans should come to an agreement that either abolishes the IRS or severely limits the powers of taxation.

We believe in diverse educational opportunities. Study after study shows that an education diversified with the Fine Arts results in higher test scores and more productive cognitive behavior. Music is the universal language and visual and language arts are safe, edifying forms of self-expression. We can raise academic performance and lower violence in the schools just by properly funding Arts education. We also believe it to be the right of the parent to choose what school their child attends.

We believe in free enterprise. Capitalism is a modern "dirty word," not because it's bad, but because it is so often coupled with cronyism. We support policies that grow local businesses as well as major corporations. We believe the government that governs LEAST governs best. This mean a drastic reduction in many regulations across the commercial spectrum. A free economy will satisfy demand better and faster than any other economic scenario.

We believe in a supportive community. There are dozens of government programs to assist struggling families. The problem though, is that these programs become an indefinite income replacement instead of a temporary supplement. The local community should be supportive of families and step up where the government often overreaches. Food banks and shelters should be constantly buzzing with local volunteers and local donations. We will never win the War on Poverty if the only thing we do is sustain these current conditions.

We believe in the sanctity of human life. Abortion should be treated like the invasive, last-ditch emergency medical operation that it is. Abortion always ends with the loss of a life. We don't believe children are a burden, rather a blessing. Only in an event in which early delivery is not an option and the situation is guaranteed to end in the death of the mother should we find abortion to be an unavoidable and terribly sad choice. On the other hand, we also believe that the end of a life should not be a decision, but a natural occurrence when we can do nothing more to sustain it.

We believe in strong national defense. The only defensible war is a war of defense. We hope that one day we don't have to fight, but until that day comes we will support our troops and the efforts they make to uphold our liberties, rights and freedoms. When we are forced into a combat situation, we would rather overwhelm the adversaries with our sheer force than read about another American killed overseas.

We believe in the grassroots. The way the Georgia Republican Party apparatus is designed, the local party is the most important entity. Sure, the state party has a great donor base, but the voters and volunteers all come from the ranks of the local parties. Not only does the local county party represent you, but you can represent the county party in the GOP Convention Cycle! We always need more help, so if you live in Clayton County, contact us so we can connect you with your Precinct Captain. We hope to get you plugged in, motivated and ready to #KeepGeorgiaRed!

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