Important Updates Regarding Conventions, Meetings and Elections:

As of March 16, 2020, Chairman Garrett Ashley has suspended all Temporary Convention Committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee and the Registration/Credentials Committee.

As of March 16, 2020, Chairman Garrett Ashley has cancelled the March County Committee Meeting originally scheduled for March 26, 2020. As the National Health Emergency situation evolves, we will make other necessary cancellations and suspensions.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has postponed the March 24th Presidential Preference Primary to May 19th to coincide with the General Primary/Non-partisan Elections.

Letter from the Chairman regarding the County Convention and the Effects of the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak:

Dear Republicans and Friends,


Every year, the Republican Party in Georgia hosts an annual convention cycle to elect leaders, whether party officers and committee members or delegates to the National Republican Convention where we officially nominate and endorse our party's Presidential candidate. This year, the Convention Cycle is held amidst an outbreak of a certain strain of the Novel Human Coronavirus (COVID-19), a viral-pneumonia that is especially dangerous to those already fighting an illness or those with weak or compromised immune systems. President Trump has declared a National Health Emergency, Governor Kemp has declared a State of Emergency in all 159 counties, and even the City of Atlanta has made an Emergency Declaration. Clayton County has closed government offices and schools, our judges are suspending cases and normal operations, the CCDP has directed the limitation of visits to jails and prisons, cities are suspending services, and even churches are closing doors.

Even now, we pray for our party and elected officials who are currently quarantined including State Senators Kay Kirkpatrick and Brandon Beach, some of our state's great public servants who have tested positive for COVID-19. This novel virus is not a joke, and is no laughing matter.

The GAGOP Executive Committee held a conference call last week with the RNC and their Legal Counsel. There is absolutely no way for the Georgia Republican Party to delay or cancel the Convention Cycle without compromising Georgia's participation at the National Convention in August. The RNC did advise us that our conventions could be held legally with as few as a SINGLE DELEGATE in attendance. It is by this advice that the GAGOP encourages delegates and alternates to choose to stay home. Our world is in a panic, and yet, the GOP Convention Cycle must go on.


The best option permitted by party rules is to submit your name to the County Nominations Committee to be considered to be a delegate or alternate at the District or State Conventions. You do not need to be present at the County Convention to be elected part of Clayton County’s Republican Delegations, rather your submission will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee. Using the information provided, that Committee will compile a slate to be submitted for approval by the delegate body. The slate can be changed by the Delegate(s) at the Convention before being adopted. GAGOP Chairman David Shafer has asked, to avoid the appearance of a “minority tyranny,” that Rules and Resolutions be omitted from this year’s Convention Cycle. The Delegate Slates will be the ONLY purpose of this convention. Due to the widespread nature of the outbreak, we politely ask that EVERYONE (including members of our Executive Committee) use this option in place of attending the County Convention in person.


We always encourage participation in this public, local, grassroots process, but we want to exercise utmost caution when considering the health and wellness of our members and community. We especially ask that if you are in one of the groups deemed "at risk" by the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization, use this method to be nominated instead of potentially jeopardizing your own health.


The Nominating Committee may contact you regarding a possible interview, should there be more candidate submissions than positions available. If you are interested in being included in the slate of Delegates or Alternates to the 13th District, 5th District or Georgia State Republican Conventions, please complete the online form for the Nominating Committee.


Nominating Committee Chair:

Arlene Charles

United We Stand,

Garrett Ashley, Chairman

Clayton County Republican Party